I’m Sticking Velcro Under Your Desk

Published 2017
Mom Egg Review

Mom Egg Review | J Brooke

So you can press your fingers silently
up against prickly sharpness instead of falling
from your chair and writhing on the floor,
I’m sticking Velcro under your desk

your teacher gave me permission
but doesn’t think
it will help just like that inflatable
rubber cushion they make you sit on never does

You’re the only kid in class stuck
with that stupid goddamned cushion—
fucking flaccid futile balloon
they taunt you for, label you buffoon

trip you on the playground scratching
‘retard’ into bathroom walls next to your name
alongside a stick figure looking so not like you
you ask if possibly it isn’t

Your IEP and diagnoses sensory
diet, evolving prognosis you are tested
tweaked probed evaluated
allowed extra time, that’s state-mandated

the last sleepover we let you attend the one
you call your best friend intentionally pissed
on your sleeping bag, while you slept
within (his parents offered to buy a new bag)

but it’s all chill when we hang happy
at joints like the hardware store we adore
until you tug a pack of tacks off the hook
tsunamiing the whole display board

all 5 by 8 perforated feet, rife with nails
screws spikes abandoning ship
as the board plummets bouncing hard
on your foot, smacking linoleum, denting dismantling,

cutting your skin a benign little bit. One drop
of hydrogen peroxide, a Sponge Bob
Band-Aid, and Kit Kat, enough to tell
your other mom “we had fun,” so she doesn’t cry.