Stonecoast Review: Spotlight


What do you write?
I write poetry and non-fiction. Most of my non-fiction is memoir, but not all my memoir is non-fiction.

Is there an author or artist who has most profoundly influenced your work?
Salinger, Vonnegut, Borges, Bradbury, Kerouac, Eliot, Bukowski, Collins, Hayes, (David) Sedaris, Holzer, Johns, Basquiat, Goldin, Hockney, (Woody) Allen, (Nora) Ephron, (Mel) Brooks, Seinfeld, Dylan, (Paul) Simon, Springsteen, Waits.

Why did you choose Stonecoast?
They extended their application deadline for me. Also, the commitment to social action was extremely significant — it’s too bad that this is somewhat unique to Stonecoast, considering the times we live in and what an artist’s responsibility to the world should aspire to be.

What is your favorite Stonecoast memory?
At the residency last July, during the evening time between the readings and some other form of entertainment, everyone was milling around negotiating between mixed drinks and beers and the book table and each other, when I noticed a pair of really beautiful sneakers. I have always loved sneakers, and the ones I saw that night were particularly nice — purple Adidas “Gazelle’s” with pale lime stripes and silver tongue logo. I went up and introduced myself to their owner, Aaron Hamburger, and told him how much I liked his shoes. He lowered his voice to a demi-whisper and offered extremely generous information I simply never would have discerned on my own: “Urban Outfitters, on sale, but only online”.  I ordered the shoes later that evening.

What do you hope to accomplish in the future?

I would love to help get Trump and Pence out of office. I would like to extend my positive impact on the environment beyond my self-policed carbon footprint. I would like to see my book published. I would like to get “mental health” re-named “mind health”. I would like to make popular, as a non-binary nomenclature option, the choice of “e” as an alternate  to “they”, (when seeking non gender-specific words to replace  “he” and “she”) — this could be a user-friendly option for all people, not specifically those who fall under the trans umbrella — anyone could choose to go by “e” instead of “she” or “he”.

If you could have written one book, story, or poem that already exists, which would you choose?

The song “Little Plastic Castle” by Ani Difranco.