J Brooke Writer


I’m J Brooke. I awake each day thrilled to be a full-time writer. Maybe that’s in contrast to my previous occupations, maybe it’s the caffeine, or, like Springsteen conjectured in The River, “is it something worse…”

My essays get published with decent regularity and I’m the respectful recipient of some incredibly nice honors including winning Columbia Journal’s 2020 Womxn’s History Month Nonfiction Award for an autobiographical essay I wrote about coming out (again).

Speaking of honors, I have a new essay, “TANKER”, published in The Massachusetts Review (Vol. 63, No. 3) where I was beyond fortunate to work with genius author and editor Morgan Talty on the final edit. They don’t post their pub online, but you can order a copy here.

Speaking of editing, one of the best jobs I ever LOVED was being the Nonfiction Editor for The Stonecoast Review while getting my MFA.

Speaking of my MFA, it’s from The University of Southern Maine, where this January I’ll be a guest faculty member for their winter residency. I’m honored to return to the warmth of this freezing place… an environment that nurtured informed and illuminated my writing.

Thanks for clicking on, around, or through my website – and if you feel like reaching out, there’s a section for that too.

Hope to hear from you.


J Brooke